Monday, October 18, 2010

Who IS This Crazy Woman!?

The name I hear most often is Mommy, but my friends call me Cali.  My main goal with this blog is share what works for me, and to hopefully share with mama's that it's okay to just be YOU, to do what works for YOU and YOUR family.  You don't have to fit into a label or ideal.  So many terms out there, and it can really leave your head reeling trying to figure out just where you "fit in". 

I have run the proverbial gammit when it comes to parenting.  I was a young 21 when I had my son Gabriel (who is a happy healthy four year old now), started out with the best intentions; I wanted to breastfeed, but that didn't work, so I formula fed, I didn't know about any other options and was a Pampers mom, until I learned about the world of cloth, I was a dedicated SUV stroller mama, who has learned the perks of babywearing. I learned a lot that first time around, and I continue to learn more and more everyday from my 5 month old daughter. I am proud to say that my best is good enough, and so is yours. 

Another aspect of my life that I am very proud of is being a police wife.  I am blessed to have a husband that not only loves and supports his family, but I have a husband who has sworn to serve and protect.  I am still feeling it all out, and we take it day by day.  Plus how could you not love a man in uniform?

So I want to share with you, how I figured it out, and everything I am still figuring out, and I want to hear from you!  I want you to share your stories!